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Thread: Black Screen on Boot (ATI)

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    Default Black Screen on Boot (ATI)

    I'm trying to install openSUSE 11.0 on my sisters really old Dell computer. I managed to install and get "almost" every thing to work. Took a little while to get wifi working to get a internet connection. After that I managed to download all updates. Then I downloaded the ATI drivers from the Community Repository list that I added. I can get graphics when I boot into safemode but on a normal Default boot the screen goes black when it starts xorg.

    Here's my xorg.conf file.

    When I first tried to install openSUSE 11.0 I went with the automatic settings which at first gave me a black screen when xorg loaded. I reinstalled suse a second time and did manual settings. I don't remember what settings I did but I was able to get graphics on a Default boot after the second install. It was when I installed the 3D ATI drivers that I was getting the black screen again. I loaded into safemode, hit Ctrl + Alt + F1, logged on root, ran init 2, ran sax2 -r. It asked if I wanted to go with the recommended settings (they don't work), I said no and did my own. This is a 17 inch Dell monitor that seems to be best viewed at 1024x768. For some reason sax wants to set it at 1280x1024. Suse tells me the monitor is a Dell e772F if memory serves. I'm not an expert but I get the feeling the problem is with the ATI drivers more then it is with the settings I'm choosing for my monitor.

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    have a read here:
    ATI - openSUSE
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