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Thread: Xorg update bug - how do you roll back?

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    Default Xorg update bug - how do you roll back?

    So, it seems that the recent Xorg update has caused serious display performance problems.

    How do you roll back this update?

    Is this issue something that ought to be reported as a bug?



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    Default Re: Xorg update bug - how do you roll back?

    This is one of the ways I know of that will allow you to role-back Xorg:

    Open YaST Package Manager and wait for the repositories to load. Once they finish, enter into the search field: "xorg-x11" and press the "Installed" button in the package manager to display the installed packages. With the combination of the two, a package should appear in bold letters with the name "xorg-x11": click on this package, and in the bottom right of the manager window, click the "Available" dropdown menu, and a list of the available versions of this package will appear. Select a lower level of the package, and then click the "Downgrade" button. Once you have done that, click the Apply button to downgrade Xorg.

    One warning: Downgrading Xorg may interfere with dependencies, so be careful when doing this.

    Hope all goes well for you!

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