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Thread: CPU always at 40 C?

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    Default CPU always at 40 C?

    I have my AC on.. and my room is VERY cold and SusE displays on my computer that it is at 40 degress?

    Something wrong?

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    Default Re: CPU always at 40 C?

    Depends on what temp you are measuring. Mobo or CPU temp?

    Well I suppose it could be the wrong type of sensor was configured in the program and so the calibration is wrong. But 40C is not out of the question, it's slightly warmer than the human body, so your cooling is working well.

    You could always disconnect the CPU fan and see if the temp goes up. Hey, just kidding, don't do it.

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    Default Re: CPU always at 40 C?

    My motherboard has a non existent temp sensor called "ACPI temperature" which is always at 40c and opensuse/kde happens to display this for the cpu sensor.

    Install lm sensors,

    yast > software management > sensors

    This will give you accurate readings of all your system sensors.

    To configure it,

    run in a terminal


    <enter password>


    and follow the on screen instructions.

    You will then need to reboot once it has finished.

    now once back in opensuse, open a terminal and type


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