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Thread: Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems

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    Default Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems


    just wonderin' if anyone else is having problems with version 5.0 (the newest in the repo).

    -Mine doesn't save bookmarks consistently; after rebooting, some recently added bookmarks disappear

    -Gecko often crashes when attempting to print a web page

    -Sometimes my whole system reboots when surfing the web

    I'm running openSuSE 10.2. Anyone else having the same problems?

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    Default Re: Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems

    well for me FF is really quite stable.

    But what version are you using? You state version 5.0 but that is not out for years.

    I am currently running the latest FF 3.0.1 and this is working fine for me (help/about should show you the app name and version number)

    I had problems in the past but these were most often related to buggy addons I installed. Lately I think that opera 9.51 outperforms FF though, so you could try that if you were so inclined.

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    Default Re: Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems

    I run ff3 on Opensuse10.2 64bit and no problem. I try to figure: do you have some extension loaded and inherited from a previous version of ff? You could try at the beginning to disable all the extensions and see what'happen then reenable one by one. Clear the download history and the cache. At the end if nothing works delete the .mozilla in your home directory. Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems

    Ok, sorry. I read the wrong version number. It's 3.0.1, not 5.0.

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008070400 SUSE/3.0.1-1.1 Firefox/3.0.1
    I'm trying Opera now. So far I like the performance. I'll need to get used to some of the other features, like not having the nice underlined spell checking and handy search field the bottom. Otherwise, it's pretty good though, so thanks for the tip

    But does anybody know how to get Flash working in Opera?

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    Default Re: Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems

    So far, in my experience, I have had issues with FF3 with my 32bit install.

    I reinstalled the 32bit/kde3.5 and it seemed to go away.

    I have not had one issue with my 64bit/KDE3.5 install.

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    Default Re: Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems

    Heeter, that's interesting. I guess it's time for me to upgrade from openSuSE 10.2 to 11.0 in the next weeks, so hopefully my problems will go away too.

    So far, I'm sorta pleased with Opera, but it has a few glitches. For example, the Sort By link on this site doesn't work.
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    Also, the printing function is kind of screwy since it doesn't produce a proper result when choosing Print Range: Selection.

    Konqueror doesn't appear to have this option at all. Maybe it exists in KDE 4.

    Last but not least, Mozilla is still causing the same problems despite deleting the profile directory and reinstalling.


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    Default Re: Mozilla Firefox 5.0 causing problems

    not working for me either in Opera
    but fine in Seamonkey and FF3 and K
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