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Thread: BIOS can't read ISO?!

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    Default BIOS can't read ISO?!

    I was all set to load up openSUSE 11.0 on a server but when I tried to boot from CD a message came up saying that my BIOS has to be upgraded to boot the ISO?!

    The system has an old copy of Fedora and I was going to rebuild it from scratch with a new Suse install.

    Is there someway I can boot Fedora and then mount the ISO and install from there? Using what commands? Or is there another way to install Suse in this instance?

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    Default Re: BIOS can't read ISO?!

    couple of things:

    1 ) did you burn the iso as an image or just iso ?
    2 ) Smart Boot Manager is the tool i use for recalcitrant boot devices


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