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Thread: Java 1.6 missing from 10.2 repo?

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    Default Java 1.6 missing from 10.2 repo?

    I just noticed after doing a system update that one of my apps doesn't work. It requires Java 1.6. I'm pretty sure I had Java 1.6 installed before doing the system update otherwise my app wouldn't have run. Has Java 1.6 been eliminated from the following repo?:

    Index of /repositories/Java:/addon/openSUSE_10.2

    My version of openSuSE is 10.2. Would it make sense to try the 10.3 or 11.0 repos instead? Or will that screw things up?

    Thanks for your replies!

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    Default Re: Java 1.6 missing from 10.2 repo?

    You can simply acquire the Java (JRE / JDK) from (the RPM version of course) and use that to install Java 1.6 for your SuSE box.

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    Default Re: Java 1.6 missing from 10.2 repo?

    Thanks, I did that. But when I try to reinstall my application, the installer can't find it:

    linux-8nle:/archive_b4/Downloads/HotForward # java -jar HotForward-1.1-Installer.jar
    The application that you are trying to install requires a 1.6 version or later of the Java platform.
    You are running a 1.4.2 version of the Java platform.
    Please upgrade to a newer version.
    I guess I could keep the old version installed, but then I'd have to change all the paths manually to reflect the new JRE. Wish I hadn't done that system update

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