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Thread: WSOD with OpenSuSe 11.0 XEN Kernel

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    Question WSOD with OpenSuSe 11.0 XEN Kernel

    I enabled the VM features of the Kernel via Yast and when I boot under the XEN kernel I get the white screen of death. Also when ctrl-alt-f1 to get a terminal session the Screen seems to be in 40 col. The Font is pretty big. Is there a known issue with XEN and Compiz Fusion? When I boot with the regular Kernel everything comes up normal.

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    I'm running the 64bit version of OPENSUSE 11.

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    I am afraid i cannot help... but i too am having the same issue.

    I can boot into "normal" kernal level ok, but when i boot into xen i get white screen.

    Annoyingly it almost seems to make it, you can see the desktop breifly and the keyring pop up, but that is all replaced by WSOD.

    I am running on a T60p laptop with an ATI (root of all evil) graphics card FireGL 5200. SUSE11.

    I am using the ATI propriatory driver.

    Any help will be appreciated, i am trying to replace windows but will need the hypervisor to make that a reality.

    Please consider on your reply my skill is somewhere between zero and poor.


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