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Thread: Watching CSPAN

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    Default Watching CSPAN

    What file is needed to play videos on CSPAN?

    I can play videos on other sites, What is different about CSPAN?

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    Default Re: Watching CSPAN

    > What file is needed to play videos on CSPAN?

    CALLING ALL USA CITIZENS--know what is going on in your own country:

    i watch C-SPAN using Firefox with its mediaplayerconnectivity 0.9.1 add
    on from <>

    well, mine is SuSE 10.3 and i followed the "Hacking openSUSE 10.3" guide
    at <> [NOTE: there is no "Hacking openSUSE
    11.0" see, <>]

    this is what i do (after the above are installed and working):

    - for currently broadcasting on C-SPAN, go to <>

    - click on the Windows "stand alone player" which opens a Firefox side bar

    - click on the media link there...quickly a little TV screen will pop up
    OUTSIDE of the Firefox window...wait a few seconds while it caches, and
    then watch..

    - you may then close that CSPAN page, or even close Firefox, and
    continue watching..

    [it MAY be that you can also click on the Realplayer links on the C-SPAN
    page, i don't know...if it works, don't fix it!]

    enjoy! (when i moved to Denmark i very much missed a daily dose of the
    Circus on the Hill....with broadband i can now see this important,
    exciting and often overly entertaining 24x7x365 show!!)

    DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
    A Texan in Denmark

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    Default Re: Watching CSPAN

    Here's how I currently stream (watch) CSPAN:

    Use the OPEN URL option (with Kaffeine, VLC or mPlayer) and plug in:
    (for CSPAN 1)

    (for CSPAN 2)


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