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    I am feeling very stupid at the moment, I can't even figure out how to adjust my system sounds, it says in Cool Solutions

    * The general tab will allow you to turn on and off sound in a global sense, meaning that this option is for all sounds.

    I have searched for 2 hours for a menu "PERSONAL SETTINGS" "SOUND" Iḿ assuming this is inside of Yast2?? or what? I have a section System in Yast of course but there is no Personal Settings inside of that. I just want it to stop making that silly noise everytime that I click on a menu Woop!! Woop!! very annoying.. I have found tons of info on how to make profound deep system changes to the sound system but not how to simply change what sounds happen when I click on a menu. hmmm what am I missing here?

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    If you are in Gnome, try the following...

    Main Menu -> Control Panel -> Sound -> Sounds

    In that window will be where the sounds for certain actions can be found.

    Hope that helps.

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    Personal settings are normally held in hidden files within your /home folder though, as Unseen-ghost says, you normally change them by accessing an application on your desktop, not the file itself.

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