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Thread: OpenSUSE Tutorials

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    Default OpenSUSE Tutorials

    A new site is up featuring openSUSE Turotials: see: openSUSE Tutorials

    It appears to be very well done. Have a look and comment.

    ra100 may take orders for new tutorials if you find a need.

    Have fun
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    Default Re: OpenSUSE Tutorials

    This is great!
    Very good tutorials and usefull as well,
    now the hard upgrade from 10.3 to 11!

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    Default Re: OpenSUSE Tutorials

    Thanks for this i was expecting this////

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    Hey thanks for this, i bookmarked it because i just moved from Ubuntu and am kinda at a loss in openSUSE 11 KDE these little tips and tricks will help me in my learning curve

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    Cool Re: OpenSUSE Tutorials

    It looks very from kubuntu, but i switch recently to OpenSuse and feel a little lost (even when i have around a year in Linux)

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