This is the same problem as described here:
Formatting Problem In Install

My system is a similar configuration HP Pavilion Intel quad core running XP X64, and has two SATA HD's originally (but no longer) confugured as RAID. The HD are now independent IDE drives, and set as such in CMOS. Windows has no problem with these drives.

I used Gnome Partition Editor first to attempt installing to sda (C drive with Windows), and then recently sdb (D drive giving the entire drive to Linux).

Versions of OpenSUSE I have tried to install include 10.2, 10.3, and 11.0.

In every instance, the installer proposes a RAID configuration, which trashes my C drive.
When I Change it to the proper single drive installation, OpenSUSE creates 3 partitions (home, root, and swap) in the unallocated disk space (which looks right), and then promptly fails during formatting of the swap partition that it just created.

Failure occured during following action
Formatting partition /dev/sda5 (2.0 GB) with swap
System error code was -3008
/dev/sda5: Device or resourse busy