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    How do I install opensuse without X?

    I need a console installation because X keeps crashing when trying to configure the matrox G200 multi head display card. I can load the live CD when I remove the card and use the internal intel graphics but if the matrox card is installed it becomes the default display and crashes.

    I would like to just install as a console so I can install the proprietary matrox drivers from the command line and then load X and a desktop. I can't find instructions anywhere. Will the mini iso allow me to do this?

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    this was easily accomplished using the ftp installation cd

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    see this link to solution of matrox setup problem. the Yast graphics card application still does not work but my screens are.

    Matrox g200 + Intel motherboard video - openSUSE Forums

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    There is no need to reinstall. If the X crashing prevents you from login to the system and get a text console login prompt, boot from the CD/DVD in rescue mode. Once the system is up, mount the root partition in /mnt, for example.
    Edit the file /mnt/etc/inittab and look for the line

    You should change 5 to 3 (or 1 for maintenance mode)

    Save and quit.
    Sync twice
    Umount the root partition
    Reboot normally.
    You are done. Now youll boot in text mode. No graphics.
    Now you can tweak your X from the command line without hanging/crashing the hole system. Once your X works fine, revert to 5.

    Hope this help.

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