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    Hey All

    This may be a really obvious question to everyone but i will ask anyway.
    I have a network drive from our old Windows server which is now part of our SLES server.
    To date i have created the specific shares i wanted in samba and set the following permissions on the share folders. (not in samba).
    chown -R root /folder name
    chgrp -R "domain users" /folder name
    chmod -R 2777 /folder name

    My question is: now i want to lock down permissions and access, how can i set different permissions on the existing folders to those on the files?
    For example, i want domain users to be able to browse the folders but not move or delete them. However they should be allowed to create, modify or delete files within those folders. I know how to apply the correct numeric permissions but how do you only apply them to either folders or files?

    With changing permissions the way i do it above, the changes take effect on the files and folders. Am i missing something really simple.

    Below is the samba conf on one of my shares. Should i be using the settings within samba such as umask etc to be acheiving the ongoing permission rules for folders? I haven't to date as i understood drive permissions override samba settings.

    comment = Projects
    path = /PlanetDataDrive/Projects
    read only = No
    inherit permissions = Yes
    inherit owner = Yes

    Sorry for the simple questions but a little insight will help me heaps.

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    Did i post in the wrong forum???

    I thought my question would be a rather common setup on file servers.

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    On 24/07/08 stevenkelly wrote:
    > Did i post in the wrong forum???

    Yes - you have SLES and you've posted in OpenSuSE. Try the forum.
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