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Thread: Control panel?

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    Unhappy Control panel?


    i'm using opensuse 11.0 with KDE4.
    It was a little early this morning, and i deleted the control panel in the bottom of the screen.
    How can i get the default one back.?? As i make a panel there is noting in it.
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    Default Re: Control panel?

    right click add widget
    select what you require

    also in menu go to various apps you require
    right click add to panel
    you may have to move them

    if all this is just oo much

    go to your hidden kde4 folder
    re-name to kde4old
    restart desktop ctrl-alt-backspace

    you can bring back settings if you need to from your .kde4old as required
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    Default Re: Control panel?

    thanks. i try to get i right manual, but renaming the kde4 folder was the thing i was looking for thx

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