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Thread: AR242 Wlan card problem

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    Unhappy AR242 Wlan card problem


    I am a beginner in Linux, and recently changed to OpenSUSE from Kubuntu on my Asus F2HF notebook. My problem is that my Wlan what worked with Kubuntu, works not with OpenSUSE so far.

    It says that it is unable to configure it because "kernel device (eth0, wlan0) is not present." And suggest that this maybe caused by missing firmware. I tried to search firmware for my card without result. I tried to install all firmware package I found, without result.

    All I know about my wlan is the name YaST2 shows:
    AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Adapter

    I am thankful for any help.

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    Default Re: AR242 Wlan card problem

    Whenever you have a problem like this, you should open a terminal and enter the

    dmesg | less

    This will let you see the messages that have been logged since bootup. If you
    don't know less, page up/down and the up/down arrow keys will move you through
    the listing. The space bar will get you a new page and q will quit. Look through
    the listing looking for messages that pertain to your wireless. If there is
    missing firmware, it will show up there.


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    Default Re: AR242 Wlan card problem

    Hello, I'm new to openSUSE 11.0, installed it on my MSI notebook,
    and now everything works meanwhile except the
    AR242x802.11abg wlan.
    ok, I followed the instructions to install the madwifi-hal- driver I found on

    tar xzf madwifi-hal-
    cd madwifi-hal-
    cd scripts
    sudo ./madwifi-unload
    sudo ./ $(uname -r)
    cd ../
    sudo make install
    echo ath_pci | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
    sudo modprobe ath_pci

    Problem: them make command produced the following output: *** KERNELCONF: /lib/modules/ does not exist.. Schluss.

    Can anybody help me please ?
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    Default Re: AR242 Wlan card problem

    You would be better starting your own topic. Your problem is different from the OP. Having your own topic would ensure it gets a response which should help

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    Default Re: AR242 Wlan card problem

    Larry, thanks for trying help!

    I found nothing about my wlan card - I mean I found in the dmesg listing my ethernet , but simply no any mentioning of the wireless...
    The only interesting lines I found were these:

    ACPI: I/O resource 0000:00:1f.3 [0x400-0x41f] conflicts with ACPI region SMBO [0x400-0x40f]
    ACPI: Device needs an ACPI driver

    There was a suggestion in the list:
    "ACPI: If a device doesn't work, try "pci=routeirq". If it helps, post a report"

    I tried but it has no effect.

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    Question Re: AR242 Wlan card problem

    I tried to search the net. I found that many other people had problems with this wlan card. Unfortunately it is designed for Windows...

    I found this site too (originally portugese):
    Translated version of
    But I have no idea if it has any useful information, thought it is Ubuntu forum.

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