Hi. I made a mistake by selecting the 3D Acceleration/Desktop Effects & reboot. After reboot, I can see the openSUSE green screen with the progress bar moving from left to right. Display goes blank when the progress bar reached about 75% & shortly after that I can hear the welcome tune. At the blank screen, I can get into command prompt by repeating alt-ctrl-backspace a few times.

Although I can't login normally, I can still login under fail safe mode. Under Control Center, 3D Acceleration & Desktop Effects are no longer checked, so I can't un-check them to undo my mistake (hope this make sense). I tried checking & unchecking both options & reboot but to no avail. I still can't get into SUSE normally.

What can I do to undo 3D Acceleration & Desktop Effects so that I can get into SUSE normally ?