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Thread: OpenSUSE 11.0 won't shutdown or reboot

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    Default OpenSUSE 11.0 won't shutdown or reboot

    My opensuse installation won't shutdown nicely. When I try to reboot or shutdown the computer it just says that runlevel 0 has been reached and SuSE_Firewall_setup skipped and never shuts down.

    Does anyone know anything similar or how to fix this?

    I'll try to check some logs after I get back to home to see if there is something about this.

    My hardware:
    MSI K8N Neo4
    AMD Athlon 4400 X2
    nVidia 8500se
    2GB RAM
    500GB SATA HDD
    NEC DVD+/-RW
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    Default Re: OpenSUSE 11.0 won't shutdown or reboot

    as root did you go on the command line and type

    shutdown now

    or change it to

    shutdown -r now

    if you want it to reboot.

    there will be a fix for what you have for sure, but that command should work to shut it down

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