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Thread: where is ksynaptics for opensuse11 ??

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    Default where is ksynaptics for opensuse11 ??

    the only problem with my synaptics touchpad is that whenever i roll around on it, the browser tries to connect to adress which i have in clipboard. I mean, it just pastes and tries to open what i have in clipboard, if i reached top right corner whenever i use the touchpad.

    ksynaptics could do the trick to not to set the top right corner as the "middle-click" ( the problem i have ). but i could not find any rpms for opensuse11. is this because we can do it without ksynaptics in an easy way??

    and what would that be?

    i hate it, especially if i am doing some monetary transaction from my browser.

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    Default Re: where is ksynaptics for opensuse11 ??

    Apparently there is no more ksynaptics. There is gsynaptics, but as far as I can tell it doesn't do anything. Someone suggested manually changing the settings in xorg.conf. You'll have to search for the thread.

    In my latest updates the touch-click was disabled. I think that was on purpose because of what you described above. I found the click function erratic and inadvertently clicked on things I didn't mean to. So maybe they are working on a fix for 4.1 Final. Not sure.

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