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Thread: Opensuse 11 on HP GL360 G5

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    Default Opensuse 11 on HP GL360 G5

    Has anyone managed to get OpenSuse 11 working on a HL DL360 G5

    After the install and reboot I get a pile of errors:

    Unable to handle kernel paging request
    Opps: 000 [#1] SMP

    Eventually it does boot but it looks like the network drivers also don't load.
    The server has onboard netxTreme II BMC5708 cards.

    I've tried SLES10 which works 100%, but not opensuse 11.

    Any ideas?

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    opensav NNTP User

    Default Re: Opensuse 11 on HP GL360 G5

    I installed Opensuse 11.0 64bit version on a DL360 G5. No errors reported

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