I've recently installed opensuse 11/kde 3.5.9 on my laptop.

Anyway, I have changed my fonts preferences from the default settings (using kcmshell fonts). The thing is, one of the applications I'm using, ktorrent, runs using the kde4 engine, therefore isn't using the fonts settings I have specified.

I tried the obvious "kcmshell4 fonts"

However, I get:
findServiceByDesktopPath: fonts.desktop not found
kcmshell(21160)/kcmshell (kdelibs) locateModule: Could not find module ' "fonts" '.

I guess I need to somehow install the fonts module, but I can't figure out what package exactly that I need to install. Searched for "fonts" and "kdelibs" in yast, but all the obvious (to me at least) packages are already installed.

Any ideas?