Hi to all of you.

I got a problem with qdvdauthor.... I installed a version from packman repositorie on my new opensuse 11.0 instalation and i got two errors while im creating the dvd.

The first error is this:
INFO: [mplex] mplex version 1.9.0 (2.2.7 $Date: 2006/02/01 22:23:01 $)
**ERROR: [mplex] Unable to open file /tmp/Unnamed/Main Menu VMGM/menu.m2v for reading.
/tmp/execute.sh: line 3: /tmp/Unnamed/Main Menu VMGM/menu.mpg: No existe el fichero o el directorio
then at the end of the creating dvd i got this error:
ERR: Error opening /tmp/Unnamed/Main Menu VMGM_menu.mpg: No existe el fichero o el directorio
i tried reinstalling but keep with the same problem

PD: Sorry for my bad english.