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    Okay, im new to Linux and I have decided to install OpenSuSE, due to a virus, and finally being fed up with windows. I have two Hard Drives... The C drive, which I have partitioned and created a F Drive long time ago. This has pictures which I do not want to lose. I have a additional 250GB Hard Drive (Drive E) which I want to partition with YAST, I do not want to lose any content on that drive or my C F or E Drives. I have it so its not formatting any drives I want Open SuSE to run off my E Drive because its faster. How would I do this?
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    At some point in the OpenSuse 11.0 clean install process a partition setup will be offered. You can edit this setup.

    In the worst case, the auto-partition setup thinks you want to kill all the partitions. Go to each one and check "do not format". You could then flag the filesystem as FAT or NTFS as appropriate and choose a mountpoint if you want, perhaps /media/C for the partition you currently refer to as C:.

    Then, on the 250 Gb drive you want to make some partitions. A swap of about 4 - 8 Gb is what I use and I have a separate partition for /home.

    If you have any doubts about your setup, do not proceed - if you have "format" selected on a drive you want to keep you will be out of luck.

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    Thanks as of right now i have

    Device: Size: Type: Mount: F:
    /dev/sda 37.2GB ST340810A nothing there No F
    /dev/sda1 30.2.GB HPFS/NTFS /windows/c I No F
    /dev/sda2 6.9GB HPFS/NTFS /windows/d I No F
    /dev/sdb/ 232.8GB ST3250823A nothing here I No F
    /dev/sbd1 2.0GB Linux Swap Swap I Format
    /dev/sbd2 20.0GB Linux Native (Ext3) / I Format
    /dev/sbd3 100.0GB Linux Native (Ext3) /home I Format

    I took 100.0GB from the 250GB HD Should i take off all the "F"'s for Format on the last 3 to keep my files or does it matter?

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    IF there was no linux paritions in this hard drive opensuse needs to format swap "/" and "/home".In order for them to work.Show u sohuld leave the "F" there.
    The partitions that will be formated are only these ones and the other data on the disk will be untouched.It is recomended to run a defragment to that drive before u install opensuse though
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