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Thread: disk space anomoly

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    Default disk space anomoly

    The attached screenshot states that my home partition has 1.3Gb of files in it. The total size of my home partition is 271.7Gb, with 256.4Gb free. How then can home be using roughly 15Gb?

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    I assume the file system of that parition is ext3 right?
    The thing is that ext3 reserves 5% of the parition space.
    Which in your occasion is 5*271.7/100=13.59 plus your 1.3 used.Which is 14.9GB.Roughly 15GB
    When an ext2/3 filesystem is formated by default 5% is reserved for root. Reserved space is supposed to reduce fragementation and allow root to login in case the filesystem becomes 100% used. You can use tune2fs to reduce the amount of reserved space.
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