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Thread: start menu / task bar went away

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    Question start menu / task bar went away

    SUSE 10
    I have some people that keep knocking the start menu / taskbar (windows terminology) thing off the bottom of the KDE screen.

    How do I get it to return (and go away for that matter), other than a reboot.


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    i take it you want to hide/unhide the taskbar ? right click on it & click on configure panel. you can make it do almost anything you like.

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    Hi Deltaflyer.
    Well, that's the problem, it's not there anymore to click on.
    I right click on the desktop and I can select config desktop, but I don't see any options for getting a taskbar back at the bottom of the screen.

    PS. Did our old usernames/passwords "go away" from the SUSElinuxSupport website?
    My old username wasn't in the list of members here, but I can't register it. I've actually forgotten what the name was at the top of the old website's forums (I don't think it was SUSElinuxsupport?)?


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    Hi. Right click on an empty space on the desktop then choose "execute application". There write "kicker" and return. Taskabar should be back.

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    Kicker worked. Excellente'
    Thank you

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