How to run vuescan on 64 bit linux. This is how I got vuescan 84 working with openSuSE 11.0 64 bit.

Note that vuescan is a purchasable product and worth the money I paid for it. Well actually I could purchase vuescan or throw out my $500 scanner.

1. Download and extract vuescan e.g. /opt/vuescan/

2. Run vuescan e.g. /opt/vuescan/vuescan

3. The following error is displayed:
./vuescan: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

4. You need to get the 32 bit libusb

5. yast packmanagement has a bit of a dummy spit if you try and use it to install the 32 bit libusb because of all the 64 bit dependencies.

6. Go find the correct rpm you need e.g. to find the following package libusb-0.1.12-110.1 RPM for i586

7. download it to a working location e.g. /tmp

8. It wont install as an rpm so extract it with rpm2cpio
e.g. rpm2cpio libusb-0.1.12-110.1.i586.rpm | cpio -ivmud
(not sure what all the options are but man will tell you)

9. copy the extracted files to /usr/lib
e.g. cp /tmp/usr/lib/* /usr/lib

10. Vuescan should run nicely now.

Hope it helps somebody.