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Thread: No vfat support OpenSuse 11?

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    Default No vfat support OpenSuse 11?

    So I went to plug in a thumb drive today that's formatted with FAT and received the following notification:

    Cannot Mount Volume.

    The volume 'NEW VOLUME' uses the vfat file system which is not supported by your system.

    I can't find anywhere how to enable this in the kernel. I'm running an OpenSuse 11 system with all updates installed. Any information or suggestions is greatly appreciate. I also get this error when trying to use 'mount.

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    Default Re: No vfat support OpenSuse 11?

    VFAT should work without any kludges and the system should autoload the module as needed.

    However it's possible that if you were in the middle of a kernel update while working (as one was released a few days ago and perhaps you didn't reboot?) and since vfat is compiled as a module it would not have been able to load it.

    To test, open a terminal:
    su -
    modprobe vfat

    Then see what happens.

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