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Thread: run php website on localhost

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    I am new to linux. On win I used a program called EasyPHP that installed php+apache+mysql and allow me to go to http://localhost/ to see the websites I placed in a "www" folder on my hardisk.

    I am using OpenSuse 11 now. Cand I do the same thing?
    The ideea for me is to create my website on localhost and after it is completed I will pot it on the internet. I tried to go to http://localhost/ but is not working....

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    First your question "is it possible". Answer: "of course". There are zillions of LAMP servers around and keeping them local is only a question of security configuration.

    Of course simply going to http://localhost/ does not work. You have first to see tha Apache, PHP and MySQL are installed. Maybe they are already, else goto YaST > Software > Software Management. Choose Patterns in the upper left menu and find LAMP server. Select and goto Next or Finish or what it is called lower right.

    Starting Apache is also done from YaST > System > Sytem Services (Runlevel). Search for Apache and switch on.

    You also have to configure Apache, especialy as you want it only available from localhost. And you have to provide some contents else you will still see not much.

    For getting MySQL on the run there is plenty of documentation on the MySQL website.

    Same for PHP.

    Got stuck somewhere, come back to the forums and make new questions. Welcome
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