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Thread: cannot format drive in use

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    I have two hard drives. On one I have Vista and XP installed, and on the other I have OSX installed. I've been trying to install openSuse 11.0 along side the OSX installation, but every time I go to format the drive using either openSuse installation or gparted it gives me an error saying "the drive is in use by the system". I even tried erasing the OSX hfs+ partition and starting with a completely unpartitioned drive. It still says the same thing when I go to format the drive with any filesystem. What am I doing wrong? The strange thing is I can format the drive in Vista (and I assume XP) but it will only let me format it to ntfs which is pretty much useless in my case. Why won't linux do it?

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    The OS you're booting to apparently has written files into the OSX partition.

    Resolve by booting to a LiveCD instead,
    GParted -- LiveCD

    If I were to guess, the bootloader you're currently using lives in that partition.

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