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Thread: 1st timer install needs help

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    Default 1st timer install needs help

    I hope i can detail this correctly so that someone may shed some light on my darkness.
    Trying to install opensuse 10.2
    system: Dell GX280, bios A04 (02/09/05), P4 2.80ghz, 1mb L2 cache, 800mhz FSB, 1gb ram(512mb x 2)
    downloaded and burned .iso dvd on 3 different pc's and then burned dvd's at 1x, 2x, 6x, 8x and 16x
    every dvd shows bad checksum
    used known good cd's and it shows bad checksum
    used mini iso cd successfully then began network install which showed "no public key found"
    Dell originally had 80gb sata drive, I replaced it with a 40gb ide drive. Still had all the same problems.
    I am starting to believe this Dell does not like linux. I have installed winxp fine on this machine.
    Right now I am stumped, please help
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 1st timer install needs help

    If every burned DVD show bad checksum, it possible that the ISO download is corrupt.
    Also, if there are hardware issue, maybe it worth using newer version of openSUSE, 11.0 for example.
    Just suggestion.
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    Default Re: 1st timer install needs help

    I wish to use 10.2 in order to use Rivendell audio for radio playback. I get the .iso from this site. I thought by using 3 different pc's and burners then at least one should be good. So maybe it is the source file. I will keep trying or look to buy a copy.

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    Default Re: 1st timer install needs help

    I guess though we have to assume you already checked the md5sum of the downloaded .iso, as you describe having checked the burned dvd's.
    If you are are using windows to burn the dvd's have you tried a different burner software?
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    Default Re: 1st timer install needs help

    the first few times upon installation it would not give me the option to check the media. it only gave me the option after the install failed. to burn dvd's i have used "active iso burner", nero, power2go and roxio.
    I will try the ones you suggest. The dvd media has been memorex and ativa which work fine for other things.
    i will keep trying, thanks

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