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Thread: Firefox 3 "Open with" problem

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    Angry Firefox 3 "Open with" problem

    Hi all, I'm new to linux, I use opensuse for 5-6 months. Past week I've tried to install Firefox 3 from mozilla repository - ok I've done it. But there was a problem Firefox 3 doesn't recognize all file assotiations (i.e. in open with option in download dialog there is no default program selected there was only "browse" button) and when i try to browse the program firefox tells me:

    "The application you chose ("(null)") could not be found. Check the file name or choose another application."

    But I dont want to browse every program. Why Firefox 3 doesn't regognize file assotiations?

    I've uninstalled firefox 3 and again install firefox 2 and there is no such a problem! But this evening opensuse updater install firefox 3 as recommended update and the problem hapenned again !!! And I can't open any file from download dialog again!

    I'm using 32bit firefox on my opensuse 10.3 x86_64 (because of some problems with java and flash plugins for 64bit firefox)

    please help me !!!

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    Default Re: Firefox 3 "Open with" problem

    I'm having the same problem exactly and am trying to find a solution. Anyone else encounter this?

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    Default Re: Firefox 3 "Open with" problem

    I found out it was an issue with a login script I was using. My solution was to remake the profile I was using (as it only effected one profile). You could try removing and reinstalling Firefox and I have a feeling that would solve your problem, but it may lie deeper.

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