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    Hey All.

    I made the switch from Windows to Linux the other week. It's been pretty good. OpenSuse has pretty much every program I want, or available to install. But I sometimes see some only available in source code, so I'd like to know how to compile and install it.

    I found this page Compiling software - openSUSE about it. But I got stuck at the part where it says

    "First you need to install the development tools. In YaST, go to Software Management, then filter on Selections. Choose at least C/C++ Compiler and Tools. You might also need KDE, Gnome and Tcl/Tk Development and in some cases Kernel Development. The only drawback of installing all this together is a loss of disk space."

    I opened up Software Management and typed in C++ and tons of things to install popped up. I have no clue what compiler(s) to install, which is the best, etc. If someone can tell me exactly which ones I should install, that would be great.


    EDIT: I'm using GNOME is that makes any difference.
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