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Thread: problem with via sata driver vt8237

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    Default problem with via sata driver vt8237

    ran opensuse installation dvd
    no hard drive found
    tried several kernel modules in linuxrc
    no harddrive found

    i have 2 sata drives and via chipset vt8237
    i had even problems with windows getting my second hard drive running, because driver is hard to find an installs with problems.

    i think the windows driver writes into flash memory of the chip because it changes appearance in bios setup. maybe new installation of driver may help but i fear afterwards the controller is crashed (never change a running system ?).

    every 5 years i try to install linux,
    then those hardware problems come, and i do not come to a working installation.

    maybe someone has a simple solution, or i will come back in 5 years.

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    Default Re: problem with via sata driver vt8237

    i do not yet give up.
    i found out setting sata to raid in bios helps, windows works still too with both drives.

    now i recieve error messages because of corrupt installation medium.

    i try on, cu at the next problem.

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