I have several problems at login, which might be related, but please point me to other places if relevant.

(Note that I am on a Dutch system, so names of functions are only approximate.)

- I have created a custom .Xmodmap file to be able to type special characters like , and . Back in 10.3 days, I simply put a line
xmodmap .Xmodmap
in my .profile file and everything worked fine. Since upgrade to 11.0, this doesnt work anymore. I can read in the file manually and the keybindings work, but it isnt done at login. It seems like my .profile file is ignored. Is this a change in 11.0?

- I use Gnome. Under Configuration → Sessions → Session properties I have Remember active applications when loggin out checked. I also have added a few programs in the Start programs tab which dont support configuration save (Eclipse, Thunderbird). Note that neither Firefox nor Amarok is there. They start up anyway, though, whether they were active at shutdown or not. And now it comes: Amarok fires twice. I get two icons in the notification area, one of both is defunct and gives a message like device busy. If I close down the right one, it works. For a while I got messages from Firefox as well, saying an instance was already running and that I should close it. This has now stopped, but I have no idea what for.