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    Hello World.

    Can anyone advise on the following problem...

    openSUSE 11 ( on 4Gb Dell D830 (Intel Core2 Duo CPU T9300 64 Bit) using traditional networking (ifconfig) and hard IP address (not DHCP).

    I can run 'Create Virtual Machines' from YaST and set it all up, but the following things happen:

    (1) If I install SLED *or* SLES 10SP2 (just do a default install: next, next, next...) then it will go through all the install screens and copy all the files but when it gets to the first reboot will display "Error - No kernel was found. The installation may have failed."

    (2) If I try to start Virtual Machine Manager from YaST it flashes briefly on the screen and vanishes. If I start virt-manager from a shell (as root, obviously) it appears but as soon as I click on the host (which says "Disconnected") it will then close virt-manager. Therefore I cannot open the VM I installed in the previous step.

    I am successfully running Xen on SLES10 on other hardware.

    I have successfully run Xen on SLED10SP1 on *this* hardware. (It was running SLED & Xen OK then I rebuilt it with openSUSE 11 & Xen which is not OK).

    I have tried different installation sources so my source media is not corrupt.

    The kernel is installed because, if it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to do step (1).

    I have removed and re-added the Xen components via YaST.

    Can anyone offer any thoughts as to where I go from here?

    I'm sure if there had been a cover-up, we would have heard about it.

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    The second problem was fixed with the libvirt from Bug 398932.

    I have logged a new bug 407531 for the first problem.
    I'm sure if there had been a cover-up, we would have heard about it.

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