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Thread: SuSE 11.0 thoughts?

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    Default SuSE 11.0 thoughts?

    I'd like to hear what people think of v11.0 of opensuse.
    Is it full of problems? I remember 10.0 had some issues when it came out... so did 10.1

    Anyway, what's the verdict? Good? Bad?

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    Default Re: SuSE 11.0 thoughts?

    Thread moved to Soapbox

    (could have gone to Surveys/Polls, but I figure the commentary that will ensue will land it here eventually.)
    Keith Kastorff

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    Default Re: SuSE 11.0 thoughts?

    Hi outsider,

    Not to cut you off, but there are many posts on this you can find in the Soapbox category.

    a couple of interest :
    OpenSUSE 11 - First Impressions - openSUSE Forums
    Last 65,- spent - openSUSE Forums
    First Impressions after Installation of openSUSE 11.0 - openSUSE Forums

    Quick summary : KDE 4.0 is not the best choice and seems the source for most 'complaints'.

    Have a lot of fun!

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