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Thread: Microsoft AutoConfig Proxy and Konsole Access

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    Question Microsoft AutoConfig Proxy and Konsole Access

    Okay, I am stumped by this issue. I am a sys op, but I have not had to make this Microsoft-to-Linux crossover before.

    I have a SuSE x64 box running 11.0. The box connects and pulls its IP and DNS's via DHCP. That works well. The company has an autoconfig proxy in the format of

    I downloaded the script from, opened it with Kate, and pulled an address. I input that address into the Yast Proxy. I then told Firefox to use the System Proxy. I can access the internet just fine.

    I cannot use Thunderbird, ntpdate, wget, ping, or any other Konsole command because they do not find the nameserver. I cat the /etc/resolv.conf and the DNS are correctly listed. I can also successfully ping them. However, if I use nslookup and a text address, no luck.

    I know that I am doing something wrong, I just do not know what. Can anyone help?


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    Default Re: Microsoft AutoConfig Proxy and Konsole Access

    ** bump **

    No one has a-n-y ideas??

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