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Thread: Multiboot Solaris Nevada (b93) and OpenSuse 11

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    Default Multiboot Solaris Nevada (b93) and OpenSuse 11

    I have SNV installed in primary partition of first
    sata drive multibooting with instances of CentOS 5.1
    Fedora8, Ubuntu 8.04.1 Desktop ( Solaris Grub in MBR is a must). I've installed OpenSuse 11 on /dev/sda9 (swap),/dev/sda10 (root), /dev/sda11 (home) and placed OpenSuse'grub into /dev/sda10. Then i modified Solaris' /boot/grub/menu.lst adding entries from suse' menu.lst as i usually did for RH clones or Ubuntu. I cannot load OpenSuse 11. Same procedure worked fine for for OpenSuse 10.3(2). Moreover i cannot multiboot
    OpenSuse 11 with just CentOS 5.1 or F8 (with RH' Grub
    as a bootloader).

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    Default Re: Multiboot Solaris Nevada (b93) and OpenSuse 11

    Add entry to menu.lst on Solaris:-
    title OpenSuse 11
    rootnoverify (hd0,9)
    chainloader +1

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