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    okay, so i have installs this nvidia driver but when i look in my system info it says the driver is nv. i want it to be the driver from the site. how do i do this?

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    If you have monitor and all X11 devices configured as you want you always can just change nvidia to replace nv in one line of /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Under section 'Device' you have 'Driver' change it to proper driver you want.

    Or you can always run sax2 with -m 0=nvidia parameter

    Kill your xserver. Easy way to do it is login to console and drop to runlevel 3 by
    init 3
    then just run sax2
    sax2 -m 0=nvidia
    Then just configure everything as you want and save and start x server with
    init 5
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