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Thread: security flaw?

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    Default security flaw?

    can anyone enlighten us further on this website news, on the BBC website today; is this a problem for those using opensuse?

    BBC NEWS | Technology | Internet security breach tackled

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    "Mr Kaminsky held talks with computer giants such as Microsoft, Sun and Cisco in March, and has been part of a team engaged in secret research since then, developing the security patch which has now been released simultaneously for all computer platforms."

    Sounds like there is a universal approach to this most of the popular browsers have anti-phishing capabilities.

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    Default Re: security flaw?

    It's not a browser issue. It's a DNS protocol issue. You'll see a whole bunch of updates to bind, libraries and programs soon. Every distro using bind will also have updates.

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    ken yap <> wrote:
    > It's not a browser issue. It's a DNS protocol issue.

    Correct; this is a.k.a. .
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