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Thread: Setting Hardware configuration in yast does not work.

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    Default Setting Hardware configuration in yast does not work.

    I have 2 wireless cards:

    wg111v2 - Uses RTL8187 drivers
    ur054g - Uses p54usb

    I have found out that the RTL8187 drivers don't work in opensuse. So I went to try my old ur054g usb wireless. The driver for that is p54usb so I plugged it in and as root entered:

    modprobe p54usb
    When I ran iwconfig it was not in the list all I had was

    wlan0 -> wg111v2 with rtl8187 drivers

    there was no wlan1 which I was expecting

    I tried adding a card in yast with:

    Device type: wireless
    Configuration Name: 1
    Module Name: p54usb

    But after it was setup Yast says "(no hwinfo)" and it does not appear in ifconfig.

    I then tried ndiswrapper to see if I could get either card to work. I got the drivers for both and was shown hardware and driver present in ndiswrapper -l.

    I then ran as root:

    modprobe -r rtl8187
    modprobe -r p54usb
    modprobe ndiswrapper
    Still nothing appears in ifconfig and iwconfig. And in yast adding a new card with module f ndiswrapper I still get "(no hwinfo)".

    I have no idea what could be wrong.

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    Default Re: Setting Hardware configuration in yast does not work.

    Dumb Question - Are you sure the driver is loaded?

    Your email stated that you ran "ndiswrapper -r" which will remove the driver.

    run "ndiswrapper -l" which will show you if the driver is installed.

    --over the weekend I ran into a situation where I install the MS Vista drivers for my wireless card and could not get the wireless card to work. I then installed the MS XP driver and the card worked great.

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    Default Re: Setting Hardware configuration in yast does not work.

    I'm using the correct drivers and they are installed ndiswrapper -l shows me they are there.

    I have given up it has been todays of stress and annoyance. I am going to buy a wireless pci card. What is a card that is garunteed to work without bothering to mess with ndiswrapper just appears in yasts network devices?.
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