This is a bit of a weird one. I can get my dongle paired with my router but every configuration tool i've tried can't get an IP address. What is strange is that it worked perfectly the first time I used it just after installation of Opensuse 11 I even installed nvidia drivers from the web so I can be sure it's not just cached data. Whilst downloading the windows codecs my computer froze (it has a few hardware faults that make it do this it is unrelated though as they are rare and do not prevent wireless networking whilst on windows) when I booted back in knetworkmanager could no longer connect. Any thoughts on this problem?

Relevant specs are:

Installed Driver RTL8187 supplied with DVD
OS Opensuse 11, 32 bit
Wifi Dongle Netgear wg111v2 (WG111 - It's page on the Netgear website.

Thank you in advance.