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Thread: Anti-aliasing with Java Apps

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    I am running Frostwire from my OpenSUSE 11 installation, and one thing I noticed is that the fonts on the apps are not using the system anti-aliasing setting, and the application looks downright ugly. Does it really look that way for Java apps? If not, how do I make them use the system anti-aliasing settings?


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    you could force the java to use antialising by appending to the command:



    >/home/xavier/apps/netbeans-6.1/bin/netbeans -J-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on --fontsize 12

    I think antialising works automatically when you're using gnome, but it can't detect it when you're using KDE for example (I use KDE an is a pane in the ... this).


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    actually I am using gnome, and anti-aliasing does not work with frostwire. i will try your suggestion and will post back. thanks.

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