I have a widescreen monitor which requires 1680x1050 resolution. My mobo has built-in ATI graphics, so I installed the ATI driver and configure it through YAST's X11 configuration panel. When I was clicking around a bit, I discovered that inside the Configure Desktop menu, there is a "Display" option. I tried it out, and as soon as it opened, it reset my resolution to a non-widescreen resolution. So, I went down the list in that menu and reset it to 1680x1050, and it seems to offset the whole desktop so that the visible area is the same size that it would be in a normal 4:3 resolution; meaning there is a large blank area on the right side of the screen. If I restart the computer, that resets it, I think maybe restarting X works too. Anyway, I found this very strange, and slightly inconvenient since this is also the menu with the Power Management options. Is this a known bug, or should I report it somewhere? What should I do?