Fonts in opensuse 11.0 look perfect overall except in open office, not crisp
and clear at all!
While it was good in opensuse 10.3:

I tried several things.
First i made a test user account on my system to see if it would look better
without the configuration left overs in my home directory from 10.3, but it
didn't made a difference.

Then i removed Ooo and installed the latest stable version from the ooo
website, again no difference.

Then i remembered that i tried Ooo2.4 in 10.3 once and the fonts then looked
just as bad as it does now.
So i removed Ooo again and installed the latest Ooo2.3 version from the Ooo
website, and again no difference :s

That means i'm out of ideas concerning getting fonts to look good in Ooo.
So i'm asking for help with this.
Has anyone good looking fonts with Ooo on opensuse 11.0?

Makes me wonder though, the one thing that is most importand in a office
suite is TEXT!
Ooo with all of it new bells and whistles 3d stuff etc.. it cannot provide
clear text on my screen!
How can anyone take a office suit like that serious?
Or is it an opensuse specific issue?
Chris Maaskant