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Thread: Yast error on OpenSuse 10.3

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    Default Yast error on OpenSuse 10.3

    When I run Yast Software management I get the following error message:-

    There was an error in the repository initialization.
    Record not found in the cache
    - SQL logic error or missing database

    Can someone tell me how to diagnose and fix this problem?

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    Default Re: Yast error on OpenSuse 10.3

    I am totally guessing...
    But did you configure any Sources?

    So, let's say that you installed from DVD...
    But now that DVD is either not recognized or removed...
    And you never configured at least one online repository...

    I'd suppose that might result in an error "missing database"

    So, you should at least stick that original DVD back in the DVD-ROM... And make sure you are configured with a working connection to the Internet with sources configured.

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