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Thread: Aghh! Struggling With SAMBA

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    Just installed SuSE 11 and struggling to get Samba setup. Its running and configured to start on bootup not that this will happen often. From a WinXP Dos box i can find the resource and get asked for a UserName and PassWord but Auth fails with the response:

    C>net view
    Shared resources at

    Samba 3.2.0rc1-22.1-1795-SUSE-SL11.0

    Share name Type Used as Comment

    netlogon Disk Network Logon Service
    network Disk NetworkShare
    The command completed successfully.

    C>net use N: \\\network
    The password is invalid for \\\network.

    Enter the user name for '': ??????
    Enter the password for
    Enter the user name for '': ??????
    Enter the password for
    System error 5 has occurred.

    Access is denied.


    I'm guessing that i'm not doing something but what?

    Is there something i'm missing? Is there something that i need to setup.....Authentication or the addition of authorized users Etc?

    Please help

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    Default Re: Aghh! Struggling With SAMBA

    Have you read swerdna's tute?

    Samba and Suse: HowTo Set up an openSUSE-Windows Home Office LAN/Network

    You don't need to use a DOS window to make the connection, you can do it from My Computer > Tools (?) > Map Network Drive.

    First of all you should set up a [homes] share, see the tute. Then you should enter the login password for your account's Samba login using smbpasswd (it's distinct from the Linux user password). Then you can use Map Network Drive to login. Give it your Linux account name, and the password you entered into smbpasswd and voila, your home directory is mounted as a network drive.

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    Thank you sorted to a fasion. I wanted UserName / PassWord Auth but can't get it if using WinVista and WinXP machines on the same domain. You can get one and not the other and vise versa!

    A new problem.........When i run a Windows executable from the Mapped Drive i get a temp file created thats impossible to delete from a remote machine! It can only be deleted from the Linux box logged in as root.

    Why is this and how can i resolve this issue, why isn't the temp file created and why is it not automatically deleted when the Win executable finnishes its job?

    I don't want hundreds of temp files to periodically delete!

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