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Thread: unneeded patches wont install

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    Default Re: unneeded patches wont install

    Quote Originally Posted by diablo1 View Post
    i see more patches some unchecked and some more with a black check marked box...
    actually its a black filled box with a white check mark

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    Default Re: unneeded patches wont install

    diablo1 wrote:
    > on my suse 11 kde4 i have 3 options in the show patch category, needed
    > patches , unneeded patches, and all patches...

    ok, they have changed the words from 10.3, so listen carefully:

    set it to show _needed_ patches (only)...(and, if the window is empty
    you know that you HAVE installed all that NEED to be
    installed....therefore, leave it alone.

    do not set it to _unneeded_ because those are small files used to FIX
    (or patch) problems in applications that you have NOT installed on your
    system....therefore there is nothing on your system to patch..

    understand now?

    however, if sometime in the future you decide to add an application, and
    that app needs a patch, then one of those now unneeded patches will
    become needed and automatically be used to patch the NEW application you

    thanks for asking...have fun..

    DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
    A Texan in Denmark

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    Default Re: unneeded patches wont install

    Look in the "All Patches" category and you should notice that all those without ticks also appear in "Unneeded Patches". Those will not install because the packages they are intended for are not present on your system.

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