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Thread: 1680x1050 Display on 10.3

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    Default 1680x1050 Display on 10.3

    I recently did a clean re-install of openSUSE v10.3 to change from Reiser FS to ext3. On my original installation it was no problem to set my graphics mode to 1680x1050. On the new installation I can't get it to offer me a choice above 1152x864. (YaST graphics card and monitor). The monitor size and frequency settings seem correct. (Dell 2007FP)

    Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?

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    Default Re: 1680x1050 Display on 10.3

    have you tried using sax2 to configure your graphics ?

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    Default Re: 1680x1050 Display on 10.3

    And what's the video card?
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    I am not sure why, but running 'sax2 -u' as su from a terminal gave access to the 1680x1050 mode where it was not available from YaST or just running 'sax2'

    Seems to be fixed. Thanks for the help.

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