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Thread: YaST crash

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    Default YaST crash


    I installed openSUSE 11.0 yesterday and have quite a bit of problem with YaST when I try to configure my wireless card. If I click 'Network settings' and try to configure my 'AR5212/AR5213 Multiprotocol MAC/Baseband processor" device using the 'edit' option, when I go to the 'General' tab and try to assign the interface to a firewall zone, as soon as I click 'next' or try to go to a different tab, YaST crashes with the following xmessage:

    Loading simple Config module ...
    Creating backend ...
    <00000738>:scim_skk_imengine.cpp:122 > Create SKK Factory :
    <00000739>:scim_skk_imengine.cpp:123 > Lang : ja_JP
    <00000740>:scim_skk_imengine.cpp:124 > UUID : ec43125f-f9d3-4a77-8096-de3a35290ba9
    Loading socket FrontEnd module ...
    Starting SCIM as daemon ...
    Loading socket Config module ...
    Creating backend ...
    Loading x11 FrontEnd module ...
    Failed to load x11 FrontEnd module.
    <00000591>:scim_skk_imengine.cpp:122 > Create SKK Factory :
    <00000592>:scim_skk_imengine.cpp:123 > Lang : ja_JP
    <00000593>:scim_skk_imengine.cpp:124 > UUID : ec43125f-f9d3-4a77-8096-de3a35290ba9
    YaST got signal 11 at YCP file CWMTab.ycp:112
    /sbin/yast2: line 421: 7352 Segmentation fault $ybindir/y2base $module "$@" "$SELECTED_GUI" $Y2_GEOMETRY $Y2UI_ARGS

    This is only one way to make it crash, other options also produces the same.

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    Default Re: YaST crash

    Please look in Bugzilla whether the reports there match your case:

    If not, file a bug for me and attach the yast log: Bugs/YaST - openSUSE

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    Default Re: YaST crash

    (Sorry for the delay; I've been busy moving...)

    It looks like it might be the same as

    My main language is English but I have also installed Swedish and Japanese. I will try to reinstall without extra languages/scim but this is not permanently workable for me

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