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Thread: Intel x3100--can't start x

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    Default Intel x3100--can't start x

    I installed opensuse 11.0 on my new Thinkpad T61 which came with SLED installed. The graphics card is the Intel x3100 integrated card. When booting opensuse, x fails to start, and I get dumped to a text interface. I updated using the command line (zypper update) but that didn't solve the problem. I assume there's a problem with the driver. SLED and other distros I've tried boot into the graphical environment, though Fedora 9 has a bug in which icons and fonts fail to appear unless I use the vesa driver. Trying to switch to the vesa driver didn't help with opensuse 11. Can anyone give me some help?

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    Default Re: Intel x3100--can't start x

    Have you tried running sax2 as root from the terminal?

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    Default Re: Intel x3100--can't start x

    The chipset should be supported out of the box. Try running sax with the specific intel driver specified, as root run: ' sax2 -r -m 0=intel '

    I'm not familiar with the x3100, but maybe you will have better luck with the legacy i810 driver as I suspect SLED was using that driver? (instead of the intel one).

    You could try running ' sax2 -r -m 0=i810 ' as root to tell sax to use the legacy driver.
    If the i810 works the downside is 3D support is not an option in there using openSUSE 10.3 and up...
    Have a lot of fun!

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    Default Re: Intel x3100--can't start x

    Running plain "sax2" as root worked! Thanks for the help!

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